About Our Company

Who is the LifeCool Founder?

The founder, Joe Abeyta retired from the Coast Guard after 24 years of service. He has served as a rescue boat driver and coordinated and responded to countless search and rescue operations. His passion for saving lives is at the core of LifeCool and this mindset is the bedrock of all that we do as a company.

Why is LifeCool so cool?

This isn’t just any cooler. LifeCool is a cooler with a Supplemental Lifesaving System (SLS) built in. Honestly, we hope you never have to use it, but if you and three friends are bobbing around in the middle of the ocean, LifeCool could be the difference between life and death. What other cooler can say that?

The LifeCool Cooler

How does LifeCool inflate?

LifeCool has four inflatable bladders. Each bladder can be inflated by activating one of four CO2 inflation assemblies. In the unlikely event a inflation assembly does not work you can use the oral inflation tube to fill the bladders.

How big is the LifeCool Cooler?

The initial LifeCool model will measure about 31″x16″x14″ and has 48 quarts volume inside. Right now we are working on one size, but we plan on bringing a larger size to market in the future. We won’t have a final weight until further into the production process, but guesstimate that it will weigh 3-4 pounds more than a similarly sized traditional cooler due to the inflation system.

Will LifeCool be in different colors or designs?

LifeCool will be initially offered in white with the high visibility orange cover panels to protect the bladder. However, we are looking into plans to offer various colors and styles using wraps.

Where will LifeCool be made?

In the good ‘ole U.S. of A! Outsourcing overseas goes against our desire to remain in a position to ensure quality at every stage of design, engineering, supply and fulfillment. Our goal is to build a high quality, “Made in the USA” product.

LifeCool is not about large profit margins. LifeCool is about our principles, conviction, determination, personal survival and most importantly, employing hard working Americans. Manufacturing in our great country is on the rise again and LifeCool is committed being a part of the made in America revolution! ‘Merica!

Supplemental Lifesaving System

What is a Supplemental Lifesaving System device?

A Supplemental Lifesaving System (SLS) is an extra safety measure that is in addition to the minimum Coast Guard carriage requirements. LifeCool is meant to provide additional protection to the protection provided by safety you already have in the event of a boating emergency.

Is LifeCool U.S. Coast Guard Approved?

No, but it will be manufactured with components that are currently approved for use in Coast Guard approved inflatable lifejackets. U.S. Coast Guard certification may be sought at a later date, but doing so now would drastically impact our ability to get the innovative Supplemental Lifesaving System (SLS) to you.

Will LifeCool replace my need for a life jacket or life raft?

Absolutely not! The law will always require you to carry a lifejacket and we believe that having and wearing a lifejacket is just as important as wearing your seatbelt in a car.

Some larger vessels like yachts are required to carry liferafts. LifeCool will not meet either of these requirements, but when seconds count and you can’t get to your lifejackets or liferaft, the LifeCool will be on deck and ready to deploy.

Does LifeCool require an expensive annual certification test?

Nope. The LifeCool is designed to be maintained exclusively by the owner. We recommend an annual examination.

This do it yourself process includes removing the cover plates (no tools required), inflating each bladder, inspecting the inflators and bladder attachment points. This simple inspection takes about 20 minutes. Replacing a bladder is just as simple!